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what is lumo?

LUMO is a small hand-held device that reads the surface of a page and translates graphical data into tactile and sound feedback in real time. It can be used in tandem with a pen to allow the user to make drawings.


It is often assumed that blind people could never study geometry, sciences or engineering, as these subjects rely heavily on visual information. Paradoxically studies have shown that people who were born blind can read and make outline drawings, readily understand perspective and make figurative sketches, for example a wheel in motion.


Very few blind people study sciences and enter engineering professions. Whilst solutions exist for reading text, diagrams and graphs that are a vital part of science and engineering education are largely inaccessible to blind people. Existing solutions are mostly very expensive and require advanced preparation of learning materials. It is also difficult for blind people to draw without live feedback of how their drawing looks and where to correct it.


LUMO enables blind and visually impaired people to read shapes, graphs, diagrams and colours directly from paper, a text book or a sketchbook, and enables them to draw in colour. LUMO reads the surface of the page and translates colours into sound and black lines into tactile feedback. LUMO is an affordable real-time solution which makes existing learning environments more inclusive, as well as enriching the interaction between blind and sighted students.


LUMO was developed closely with blind people from RNIB and blind students from Imperial College London.

This is a video made by ReachOut CPD demonstrates the design and use of LUMO.

how does it work?

LUMO converts black lines into vibration and colours into tones.

Primary colours - yellow, blue and red - are converted into single tones and secondary colours- green, violet and orange- into chords composed of the primary sounds.

Click here for a demonstration that you can play with on your own computer to see how LUMO works.

our team

We are a team of three people with wide range of skillsets and multicultural experiences and strong passion for making change through inclusive design.


User Centred Design, Industrial & Product Design


Blind & Visually Impaired Expert, Business Development


Electronic Design Engineer & embedded systems


Design Council ‘Top 30’ Spark Innovation, March 2015

AXA PPP Health Tech & You - selcted in The Best R&D Product, 1 2015

The Helen Hamlyn Inclusive Design Award - Highly Commended, June 2014

The James Dyson Design Bursary, March 2014


WIRED Health Conference, London April 2015

Design Museum, Health Tech and You Exhibition, London, March-April 2015

School of Design Imperial College, London, October 2015

Royal College of Art, RCA Show 2014, June 2014

Imperial College London, Innovation Design Engineering Graduation Show, June 2014

Featuring in

Reach Out CPD video promoting science and art education in UK and outside, February 2015

BBC Breakfast, Manchester, June 2014

BBC Shorts, June 2014